What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

Storage unit rental is available to help you store items when the space isn’t available at your home or property. Consumers can store their belongings inside of a storage unit for period of 30 days or more, with access to the unit when it is needed. There are storage units in small and large sizes so storing a little or storing a lot is easy. But that leaves the question concerning the right unit size to choose to store your belongings.

The best sized unit for your storage needs depends on many factors, like the amount of stuff you have to store, your budget, etc. Storage facilities have small, medium, and large units to store your belongings. Climate controlled units are also available so it is easier to keep weather-related concerns at bay.

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To determine the right size storage unit to hold your stuff, make an inventory list of the items that you want to store in the unit.  The inventory should list the number of boxes you’re moving, the number of pieces of furniture that you’re storing, and measurements of oddly-shaped or larger furniture or items that you need to store. Once you’ve made the inventory, you can speak with an agent at the storage facility to better determine the unit size best for your needs.

If you have any doubt about the right size storage units lodi, it is better to choose the bigger size. It is better to be safe than to be sorry. You certainly do not want to find yourself without the space that you need. Storage units come in sizes as small as 5 x 5, which is large enough to hold a sofa or a couple of boxes, and as large as 10 x 30, a unit large enough to hold the entire contents of a four bedroom house!